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Sometimes it helps to have the pattern intruction or a simple prompt on the marker itself. Read the marker and move it on, carrying out the stitch work.

Want a specific instruction? Why not ask us here.

Cast On Counting Markers
These are numbered and are used on the needles to count blocks of stitches.
Keep the stitches in numbered blocks to ensure stitches aren't dropped or sneakily added!

Garment Markers

Knitting two socks at a time?

Need to know which is the right and left?

Clip on a right & left marker to each sock to help remember.

Mark the right side of a garment, to reduce mistakes later.

Stitch Instructions

Use these to manage stitches on the needle.

Add to your needles or clip to the stitch to ensure the correct stitch change per the pattern.

Numbers include 

20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250

Instructions include: 

RS, WS, Back, Front, Left, Right, LS, Top

Instructions include: 

Inc, Dec, ssk, k2tog, m1r, m1l, psso, skpo, YO, yfwd



Instructional Stitch Markers

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