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Stitch locker for circular needles - keep stitch in place when leaving knitting Stitch Locker Stitch locker to bunch the stitch up on a cable

Stitch Lockers

Our new Stitch Lockers keep your stitches securely on the cable of circular needle or knitting cord.

Perfect additions to your knitting stash, these handy stitch lockers can be used in so many ways to aid stitch security and provide confidence with knitting on circular needles.

          • Use as end stoppers when removing interchangeable needle tips on circular needles
          • Secure stitches in between knitting sessions by sliding onto the cable or onto the needles themselves
          • Slide one onto the end of the live stitches to keep all the stitches near to the main needle, reducing the 'stitch shuffle'!
          • For larger needles, use on the cable by removing the needle tips first to lock your stitch in place.

Knitting Cords & Stitch Stoppers

Use knitting cords to move stitches that are not being knitted yet, to free up needles, or simply to extend the cable length to enable trying on of the garment being knitted.

Available in different lengths and with stitch stoppers included.

Try on your WIP with knitting cord and stitch stoppers that slide over the needle tips of circular and straight needles Needle stoppers for knitting needles and for use with flexibale cable cords knitting barber cord Knitting cord with stitch stopper lock for cable circular interchangable needles


Stitch Keeping Cords & Lockers

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