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How to use a Stitch Marker

Using a stitch marker is simple and can be incredibly helpful in keeping track of your knitting or crochet projects. Here's a basic guide:


Identify Your Stitch: Work your pattern until you reach the point where you want to place the marker. This could be the beginning of a round, a specific stitch pattern, or any point where you need to keep track.

Insert the Marker: Take your stitch marker and slide it onto the needle. If you're using a removable marker or crocheting, open it and place it around the stitch. If you're using a closed-ring marker, simply slide it onto the needle.

Continue Working: Once the marker is in place, continue working your stitches as usual. The marker will stay in place on the needle or stitch, marking the specific stitch or point in your pattern.
Move the Marker: As you progress in your project, you may need to move the marker. Simply slide it from one needle or stitch to the other as you come to it in your work.
Finish Your Project: When you no longer need the marker, simply remove it from your needle or hook.

Stitch markers come in various types, such as closed-ring markers, split-ring markers, locking markers, or bulb pins. Experiment with different types to find what works best for you and your project.

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Types of Stitch Marker

Discover the perfect stitch markers for your knitting or crochet project at Atomic Knitting.

Our collection offers a variety of options to suit your needs.


Ring Stitch Markers

Ring stitch markers, ideal for marking rows and pattern changes, with some designs featuring a split in the ring for easy removal if accidentally knitted in.

For those seeking convenience and versatility, our dangle-free markers are perfect for marking needle placements or handling large projects with multiple markers, available in convenient bumper packs.


Removable Clip Stitch/Row Markers

Clip stitch markers, also known as crochet markers, are essential for marking specific stitches. Simply clip them onto the stitch loop and remove when finished. Our removable stitch markers offer flexibility, suitable for both knitting and crochet work, and can be used on needles or directly clipped to stitches.


Enhance your crafting experience with Atomic Knitting's quality stitch markers, designed to streamline your projects with precision and ease. Shop now and elevate your knitting and crochet journey.

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