Exclusive to Atomic Knitting, our beaded DPN keepers.

These handy keepers fit over a set of DPN needles (up to size 4mm) by slipping the flexible caps over the needle tips and the extra strength stretchy cord keeps them securely in place. Perfect for sock knitters on the go.

The size of the DPNs in mm indicate the cap size needed.

eg a set of 5 x 4mm double pointed needles with a length of 15cm length would need a 3-4 mm Black Cap with a length of 15cm

Short caps are useful for shorter 13cm needles and long caps for wider needles (3- 4mm).

DPN Holder Keeper for any size DPN needles     

 We can adjust the cord for any needle or hook length, please ask if you can't find the size you need.

Please ensure you measure your DPNs as these keepers are made to fit specific size DPNs and should not be used to stretch over DPN lengths that they are not made for, as this will reduce their useful life.

DPN Holders

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