New! MYSTERY Numbered Brights Coil less French Bulb Safety Knitters Pins, Stitch Markers x 10

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Expected release date is 8th Apr 2021

10 pins, nine numbered from 1-9 and the tenth pin has a cats eye heart bead.

Images shown are representative and the colour of the pins and numbered parts of the bead will vary. It's a mystery set, but will be just as colourful!

Size: approx 23mm X 10mm

Using a standard safety pin can snag fabric or leave a visible hole behind in your fabric or knitting, as it can get caught in the coil of the pin.

Here's the perfect solution...Coil-less safety pins. As the coil is missing, there's a round edge which means it's snag free!

These can also be used as stitch markers and stitch holders for both knitting and crochet and will fit needles up to 7mm.