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Stitch Keeper Holder Cords & 4 Knitting Stitch Stoppers for needles up to ~ 4mm | CHOOSE COLOUR | Atomic Knitting

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Choose your colour and lengths of knitting cords.

Stitch keeping cord and 4 stitch cord stoppers with small aluminium storage tin. Stitch stoppers will be in different colours so that they can be used to track each end of the knitting if needed.

Fits most needle tips up to 4mm - see below*

Fits most interchangeable needle ends

Our flexible silicone hollow cords are easy to use and slip onto most needles to enable the WIP to be moved onto the cord to free up needles, hold a section of knitting and to try on your knitting as you go.

Cord Colours & Toggles

New! Yellow Cord - Toggle colours: Purple & Yellow

Purple Cord - Toggle colours: Pink & Purple
Pink Cord - Toggle colours: Pink & Purple
White Cord - Toggle colours: Green, Yellow, Orange & Light blue
Neon Green Cord - Toggle colours: Green & Yellow
Powder Blue - Toggle colours: Light Blue & Dark Blue
Royal Blue Cord - Toggle colours: Light Blue & Dark Blue
Orange Cord - Toggle colours: Orange & Yellow
Turquoise Cord - Toggle colours: Orange & Dark Blue

After the tube it is attached to your needle tip, simply slide stitches along onto the flexible tube so you can try your garment on. For extra security, a toggle is included to hold the cord closed so the stitches can’t fall off. push all of the stitches back onto the needle and pull off the tubing. Great for trying on smaller items like hats, gloves/mittens, socks, etc.

The cord can be cut to length if you find it too long.

*Larger needles need more effort to push the needle order onto the needle and may be too small. More pointed needle tips work best.

Stitch Stoppers & Needle Stoppers:

Use to colourful toggle as stitch stopper - push the button, run the cord through both holes to prevent stitches falling off the cord.

Needle Stoppers for circulars: Push the button and put your needles through the holes to pull them up through to the cord. They won't fall off your needles, and these work on size 2.5-4mm needles

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Stitch Keeper Holder Cords & 4 Knitting Stitch Stoppers for needles up to ~ 4mm | CHOOSE COLOUR | Atomic Knitting
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