Primavera Counting 7mm Stitch Marker Set & Keeper - set of 19

Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers

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Use this marker set to count and track rows from 0-99. These glass crystal markers attach to each over to create double digit row numbers. All markers can be kept together on the stitch marker keeper provided, that is double ended and can attach to a knitting bag. They can e used to track rows, repeats, increase and decreases.

HOW TO USE: For knitting, use like stitch marker and when you reach double digits clip on the number you need (see picture)

For crochet, use the clasp markers to attach to the work and when you reach double digits you can add the ringed marker to the clip.

In the pack:

1 set of 1-9 markers with rings (7mm)

1 set of 0-9 markers with clasps 

1 double ended beaded keeper

1 ring to attach clasp markers to (see picture)

1 small holder to keep the markers together

Make Your Mark for a custom fit. All rings and clasps will be silver plated.

Part of the Primavera Collection

Set of 19

Measures: 2.2cm x 0.7cm without final fixing

Make Your Mark