Scandi Leaves - Magnetic Sewing Fabric Needle Minder

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This single magnetic needle minder is covered in fabric. Use it to rest your needle and the magnet will hold to needle flat against the surface. Design placement may vary as each minder is unique.

The needle minder can also be placed on top of our small circular tins (all our tins will hold the minder magnetically on the surface). When not in use the minder fits inside the lid of the tin. Tin not included with this needle minder.

Size: 38mm circular

7mm tall

Shown here with a 5cm needle (not included)

Please note that most stitch markers will not stick to the magnet.

The magnet inside the needle minder is small and strong: Do not use if you have a pacemaker. Do not place them near electronics (keep them at least 6cm (2.5") away). Do not let young children anywhere near them - if they are swallowed they can pinch parts of the intestine and cause all sorts of damage. 

A small warning leaflet regarding the magnets is provided.

This minder has been redesigned with no magnet on the back - the magnet inside is strong enough!