TRIOs Ring stitch markers 4mm|7mm|progress - Dragon Silver

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Trio stitch markers contain three stitch markers in one.

All the markers are joined to the charm (so they don't get lost) meaning that only one marker can be used at a time, but of course you have a choice of marker sizes to use. Handy if you change projects with different sized needles or switch markers and need to clip the stitch marker to the WIP until next time. 

The Trio markers consist of:

  • 4mm solid snag free ring marker (use on the needles)
  • 7mm solid snag free ring marker (use on the needles)
  • a crochet or row marker that can be used for marking a particular place that you need to go back to later, or for marking progress day to day on a long project. (Mark the stitch)

This stitch marker set contains stainless steel rings, clasps and a single sided silver plated charm.

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